Trick or Treat?

Dated: October 1 2020

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I love October! Some of my favorite people in the whole world get celebrated this month, the weather starts changing and one of the best holidays rounds it out. I currently have pumpkins growing in my yard (a first!), the end of tomato season is wrapping up and I have a bountiful crop of heirlooms. My kids are really trying to figure out their costumes. 

This year will be different, however, as I will continue to keep my children protected from a virus, bad leadership and no trick or treating. So we will push forward, enjoy the little things and make moments together really count...not bad things at all. Other things I love about October? The start of crisp leaves falling, pumpkin pie, caramel apples, corn mazes, that imminent feeling of winter approaching...preparing the yard, decorating for fall (because yes, THAT is still happening) and carving pumpkins. 

I hope this finds everyone well! Please don't hesitate to reach out for fall activities, best pumpkin patches or how to sell your home in the fall. (psst....super easy!)

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