Summertime fun begins now!

Dated: June 1 2021

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Summer came early to us here in the PNW!  But I won't complain because my kids are outside, with friends (and masks) and just running around. It's magic.  And after the last 15 months I take every.single.lovely. moment with gratitude. 

Big news in our neighborhood: a big, middle age, cedar had to come down. It was such a lovely tree too!  It shaded us from the hot west sunsets and provided a nice privacy barrier between us and our neighbors.  But it also helped squirrels access our attic and ever so slightly (or not!) pushed in the foundation wall of our neighbors home. We all know this is no bueno right? So we had to say good bye to the tree. Homeowners Tip: please do not plant large trees close to your homes. Keep them at a distance to prevent damage to your homes and wallet when the tree needs to come down.  

Other happenings: Check out the new mural at Bridlemile Elementary School! We are involved with Project Color Corps, which has a mission to bring student inspired murals to life at their schools.  Next up: De La Salle North! If you are interested in finding out about ways to get involved, please reach out to Audra @

(Attached are some pictures from the painting event)

And finally, our before and after's!!  We have been busy bees over here and have some great homes that we were proud to be a part of so far this year!  Below you will see how we transformed a small kitchen into a light and bright galley and an overstuffed laundry room, into a calm entry with hidden laundry. 

Thanks for reading everyone!  Enjoy the sunshine and we look forward to seeing you all soon!!  

~ Audra

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