Dated: June 30 2020

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It's Summertime....

Images of summer and the anticipation of its arrival brings memories of: sticky popsicles, tart lemonade and big slices of watermelon, bologna sandwiches with mustard, swimming and eating bags of chips with wet hands...lightning bugs, lazy days meeting up with friends, and trying to figure out what to do. Now, we are painting outdoor tables, staining decks and steps, and purging and donating kids toys and clothes.

Here we are halfway through 2020 and we have been through a lot together. Summer is not bringing the same willful anticipation, and our kids keep saying 'after coronavirus can we....'?  We have watched as a tiny virus turned our world upside down and sent countries and communities into a tailspin. Economies are shut down as we shelter in place and watch as the numbers keep ticking toward the sky. A mask order kicks in today in Oregon, and in order to continue to help those who need our help, let's wear our masks so we can get our communities humming again and the kids back with their friends.  

We are also continuing to support our communities of color with continued donations to organizations we believe in. And we are listening, learning and standing strong together.

Our pledge to also match all booked photo shoots with our client spotlight Lionheart will run again for July! Thank you to those who booked a photo shoot! We love matching with our donations and you get a gorgeous family picture! 

This week we also joined #stophateforprofit to continue to work together in our communities so we all are acknowledged with a voice and opinion, especially those most at risk not afforded this luxury. We'll still post homes but all advertising dollars to Facebook and Instagram have been cancelled. We are a small brokerage, but we hope every voice matters. 

The world of real estate IS humming. Folks are still moving around: relocating to Oregon, moving to more land and coming to be close in the city. We are seeing it all, and always humbled when you send us your friends and family. We take pride in our work and look forward to continuing to help!

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe, progressive, inclusive & inspired summer. Maybe even get out the slip 'n slide and get your hands sticky with a popsicle! xoxo

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