Stand Together, Stand Strong

Dated: June 1 2020

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It's June. Summer is upon us. In a short 6 months we have experienced a pandemic and a long-overdue social uprising. The kids are really starting to realize the total seriousness of an illness where they try not to get sick, or be a pressure kids. They still cannot see their friends, or play at the park, or go to a museum. And they are wondering 'how much longer will this go on?' and realizing that the world they live in has a lot going on. We all sat together and watched as Space X and NASA sent a spaceship to meet up at the ISS. We all sat trying to teach our children about oppression, hate, bigotry, fear, and togetherness, love, and support all while we also discuss why we need to continue to shelter at home, and protect those needing protection. It's a lot to digest for little ones, but these are conversations that must happen so our future generations can do better than us. So, this month we have a few organizations that we are going to support (Don't Shoot PDX, Social Justice Fund NW, and the Equal Justice Initiative), a local client we will donate to for a good local cause because there are still homeless families that need our help, a huge shredding event, and some activities that may guide us during our brief moments of mental and physical rebooting. Stay healthy, stay strong, stay together. Because together we can do great things. 

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