Season of Lights

Dated: December 1 2020

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As we move into the season of lights, I pause. Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, there is something magical in the air. From Kwanzaa to Christmas, from Hanukkah to Boxing Day, the season is bright with love, joy and reflection. The lights in the yards, the twinkle in the night sky, the colorful joy and magic in the air. The cool weather, the anticipation of (maybe) snow always makes me feel happy. In Portland, rain is usually part of our winter experience, although lately it's more crisp, bright and dry. 

Further up on the mountain, snow season is also upon us! Skiing, sledding, tubing, snow shoeing...the list goes on and one, and every winter we also take a horse pulled sleigh ride up on the mountain with the kids. We get hot cocoa and wave at folks as we pass, then settle cozy with our blankets in as we go thru the back streets. It is one of our favorite holiday traditions.

At the end of the year we traditionally look back to recap, remember and hold dear the year coming to a close. We sing Auld Lang Syne...mouthing the words, with our arms around each other, toasting the new year. This year was definitely different! A virus took control and stopped us in our tracks and we frantically tried to figure out how to move forward. We stayed home, stocked up on toilet paper and figured out how to home school our kids. Even if we personally didn't experience the loss, it's still difficult to hear about lost lives. We will not be singing this year with our arms around friends...but we still sing with our immediate family, and virtually with family whether across town or across the country. Because we will win against this virus. And it's okay to skip a year....we will make up for it next time, and appreciate our togetherness, our friendships and our community that much more. 

Being home with our kids actually turned out to be a nice re-set. Running from one sport to another at break speed was slowed to non-existent. It made us be together cognizant of each other...learn to live together with no outside distractions. This season is full of lights, love and memories. We hope you all are able to re-set and start anew. 

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from me and my whole team at RWG. And thanks for reading.

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