March Into Spring!

Dated: April 23 2020

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I. LOVE. MARCH. Seriously! The excitement of watching the buds on the trees. Seeing the green tops of our planted bulbs in the garden. Spring celebrations.

This time every year I start wanting to paint a room, or an exterior, or the dressers I found at the flea market...watching the color 'trends,' but knowing I always stay with the tried and true. For some great neutrals, check out our color line 'At Home' found at Miller Paint. Maybe you'll find a color you like! My most favorite white is our Mantle – it's soft and creamy and works great in so many places.

It's also such a perfect time of the year for homeowners. Buyers are starting to look for and find their new homes, people are out walking around neighborhoods more to visit open houses, and there is a slight warmth in the air (in between our rain).

The housing market picks back up as folks rush to get their new abode so they're ready for summer parties. I know it's spring because I start planning summer camps for our kids, which is overwhelming but fun to think of new adventures with friends.

And then there are the questions we get! Should we remodel? Which room should we do first? Let's focus on one room here: the all-important (and sometimes forgotten) bathroom. It depends, is our answer. Why? Because it's easy but complicated. The biggest advice we give is 'tell us your lowest and mid-range budget and we'll guide you on some options' depending on time restraints. Here's a secret: we have never spent your top budget...ever. Why? Because we don't need to spend a lot to get your bath looking it's most fab. Most updates are on the lower end! This could be as simple as a $250 budget to paint or, if the paint is ok (which probably it is not if over 3-5 years old), refresh all the towels/shower curtain, update the fixtures and add a plant, always. Greenery makes so much of a statement. These small changes could be just what your bathroom needs...and could make all the difference to a buyer.

Making your home look great to buyers is our number one job. And being your advocates and advisors is our responsibility. We treat each listing like a high-end photo shoot! We are there to wrap cords out of frame, fluff a pillow or give the appliances a once-over critical eye, and if needed, a quick wipe down. We will vacuum, bring extra fruit for the counter and quickly move bulky mixers out of site. This is important to us because we know you want your house look its best.

So, March. It's the beginning of spring. A time of renewal and a really good time to sell your home. I'll post some bathroom before & afters on our social sites so be sure to follow along! @realtyworksgroup and @portlandishome

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