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Dated: March 10 2020

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18 years ago we were newly engaged and living in a rental home while working in film and theatre.  We received a letter from our landlord stating the house was sold and we had 30 days to move (those days are over!) but it kicked us into a position to find another place to rent or buy.


We finally decided to go for it and took the leap and bought our first property + 45 days later, it was ours. We actually couldn't believe someone would give us a loan! After the reality kicked in we believed it was truly the best decision we were forced into.  At this point, Andrew decided to enter into real estate, leaving his film job behind and dove right into real estate. 2 years later, he got pretty busy and asked me to join him.  Being a realtor wasn't something on my radar and I had a lot to learn. Constant education and reading everything we could, coupled with our own drive, it was working! Thru our own purchasing we began to see the positive aspects of what real estate can offer.  We now started helping our clients with investing and helping them realize their real estate goals.  And those folks started sending their friends to us.  Wow.  We were loving what we were doing and watching our clients success was fueling our desire to continue.

It doesn't always go easy and there are ups and downs, but overall buying property is always a good bet, in our minds anyway.  Realty Works Group was started to address the way to help clients in a mindful, yet insightful way.  Remembering that kindness and education go a long way. Everyone can win and it can end positive all around.  And we are hyper focused at helping you realize your real estate goals with knowledge, expertise and longevity. And we couldn't be more thrilled to be able to do this.

Follow along as we blog about our trials and errors, buying run down homes, using investments to build wealth, remodeling disasters and successes and just our life in real estate. Audra and Andrew Galler, Working Hard To Welcome You Home. 

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Andrew Galler

I specialize in realizing my clients' goals, first & foremost. Founding RWG was important for me to be able to focus on all our clients needs, offering unparalleled service + guidance, and using 19 ye....

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