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Dated: April 23 2020

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Ever since I was a kid I remember thinking about the things I loved in my neighborhood.  I grew up outside Chicago and really liked my community.  I loved the heat of the summer (not the bugs), I loved swimming, I loved the first snow, but what I really loved was the fall colors.  This year in Portland the colors have been some of the best I ever remember!  The reds, magentas, yellows all seem brighter. Was it the early cold snap?  Is it that I'm getting older and appreciating more?  Could be both I guess.  But this year truly is something.  I think to our clients looking for their next/new home and the beauty we are all witnessing.  I am amazed as I cross the Fremont Bridge looking toward the West Hills and then back again looking toward Mt. Hood.  Ski season is right around the corner for us but I want to savor every last drop of fall.  I want to decorate for Halloween.  I want to take pictures of every gorgeous red leaf that is on the ground.  I want to walk my neighborhood and see all the kids running around and smell the fires burning in the fireplace.  Portland is gorgeous.  Portland Is Home. Bottom line.  And each season brings a new love again and again.  My kids saw a recipe for pumpkin spiced cookies yesterday.  I will be grabbing the ingredients on my way home because we are going to love the heck out of fall y'all.  I hope you do too.  

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