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Dated: February 1 2021

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Here we are already, in the second month of the year. Like the fall, February for me brings feelings of nostalgia. This is the month we get to celebrate our love for each other, the month we get to really start feeling like spring is right around the corner, and the month were we get to celebrate the true middle of winter in all its glory. That last hopeful month before spring really sets in. The last moment to savor the brisk air and the quiet before the rush to plant and get the yard ready. It doesn't feel like winter anymore, but it's definitely not spring yet.

We rarely get snow here in Portland, so we need to drive to the mountain to play. And this year folks are going for it! Every weekend we drive past swaths of snowmen/snowwomen, sledders, and snowshoers playing on the mountain on our way to ski. We have never seen the volume like this in years past and we chalk it up to the fact that we have nowhere else to go...which is a shame, because Oregon has so much to offer. 

But, February is also a great time to try out those winter recipes you havent gotten to yet. In my family, Hungarian Stuffed Peppers was a staple and a recipe I cherish. February is a great time to highlight dishes like this. Hearty, warm and delicious. I'll be making that for sure and getting my kids more aquianted with this one!

We have also kicked off our design and build business and thanks to all of you stepping forward, we are busy! We are also honored and thrilled and beyond excited to help make your house a home.  Working hard to help enhance your home is something we love to do, and our preferred team of superstars makes it just that much better.  We've included some current projects for fun...we hope you enjoy them.  

We hope you enjoy February as much we all do and we look forward to seeing your family recipes posted online! Tag us if you want to share any...we would be thrilled!

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