Fall into September!

Dated: August 31 2020

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Here we are folks, at the end of summer...and as we enter September many thoughts race through my mind:

•  How is summer over already?!

•  How does school look again? (Really, tell me because I'm still trying to figure this out.)

•  What is happening with this year?!

•  Has Godzilla shown up yet?

•  Can't we all just be kind to each other?  (Ok, sorry, I digress.)

Fall into fall. This saying seems so much more appropriate this year. But here it is, because no matter how we humans act, the world keeps spinning and life moves forward. So, let's do this!

As we approach the end of summer (and I know we techincally still have a few weeks), fall always makes me remember school shopping. When I was growing up we didn't get "things" just to get them. School shopping was a BIG deal! New clothes, new shoes, binders, pencils (yes I get excited over pencils), notebooks, etc. There was a small shop in my hometown and they had sweaters that they would monogram your initials on the front. I coveted one of these sweaters,  so to this day I monogram everything. I even monogrammed my kids soft casual chairs! I also had difficulty committing to which initials to use as my maiden name has two capital letters. Do I use ALL (ugh) or ALF (equally bad). I had FOMUMM (fear of messing up my monogram). It's a real condition. 

Fall in Portland is definitely something to be cherished. Enjoy every last warm dry day. Cross your fingers that ALL your tomatoes will ripen in time. Drive to the coast and get in some yummy seafood and complain about all the sand in your car. Head to the mountain to experience summer on the mountain and don't forget to bring a bucket to pick huckleberries! Head to the new hot spot, the Alvord Desert...definitely the belle of the ball right now. 

From the entire team at RWG, we wish you a Happy September!!  Please don't hesitate to reach out!  We love hearing from you.  

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Fall into September!

Here we are folks, at the end of summer...and as we enter September many thoughts race through my mind:•  How is summer over already?!•  How does school look again? (Really, tell

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