Dog Days of Summer

Dated: August 3 2020

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Hot, sultry and gorgeous.  We're talking about the long days of August....the dog days of summer of course! These long days of summer are the perfect time to explore Oregon. And since we are still heavy in a pandemic, getting out to explore while distanced makes sense.  

We took the kids to mountain bike this weekend at Post Canyon, just an hour (ish) from Portland and a great activity to keep your distance. Biking not your thing? Drive the Fruit Loop outside Hood River and stop at a U-Pick Peach Farm and go crazy. The orchards are big so keeping your distance is pretty easy.  Not feeling peachy? How about a hike?  Avoid the main contenders (like Trillium Lake) and head to the White River! This unique river sits right below the White River Glacier and flows under Highway 35. In 2006, due to a strong Pinnapple Express (Oregon sits in the path of the Pinnapple Express which brings warm atmosperic rivers casuing heavy rainfall from Hawaii), the temps warmed too fast and the rain was so heavy which melted the snow quickly thus causing the highway to be heavily damaged. 

We don't know about you, but we always feel better after a forest hike, or some time at the coast...just getting out and enjoying everything Oregon has to offer is always worth it, and can help get us all through these still challenging times ahead.

We're not going to tell everyone to "wear a mask" and "get out and vote", becasue we should all know this by now, right? And if you need masks, reach out! We have Realty Works Group masks and travel size hand sanitizers ready for you. 

Enjoying summer socially distanced is not ideal, but we hope you all are at least able to enjoy the morning heat of the sun rising while drinking your coffee, complaining about the noon heat and enjoying the company of those closest to you. We're wishing you well during these hot days!

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