December in Portland

Dated: April 23 2020

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December in Portland is magical.  It never gets so cold that it's hard to go outside, but it's cold enough to warrant fires in fireplace, hot cocoa and snuggling with our kids.  It's a time of hunkering down and unlike the fall which has an anticipation of winter approaching feel in the air, winter is here.  It's right now. And everything you didn't get to complete in the yard will just have to wait.  The outdoor lights have a special extra twinkle in the rain. And when it does snow it's even more magical....maybe because we can't expect it will always snow so when it does, it's thrilling. A few years after we moved here we had the worst of the worst ice storm they said in ages.  The first few days were so. much. fun.  Then it got tiresome.  The airport couldn't get the planes going....I remember one report that said Portland ran out of de-icer.  I'm sure no one saw this coming and so buying product like that...well, didn't really make sense because it never ices like that here. But all that aside, winter is a time of beauty.  Of love.  And remembering to enjoy everything all the time.  Take a trip to the mountain and ski, or snowshoe, or take a clydesdale horse (they're actually Belgium Horses) carriage ride thru Government Camp.  Hike.  Or head to the coast to watch storms roll in.  Eat tons of local seafood and visit some super cool beaches...a few favorites: Indian Beach, Siletz Bay, Jesse Honeyman Dunes.  If you're in town we love grabbing the kids and walking thru the Japanese Garden, hiking thru Tyron Creek or hunting down a hidden staircase. Click HERE for a link to a map of hidden staircases.  I love December.  It's bittersweet as the last month, another year approaching.  Another new start. Telling everyone how much they mean to you.  Being thankful for what you have. Pulling those close to you in tighter. Big chunky sweaters and cute hats. And the joy of pure kindness. Just because. The way it should be. 

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