August Already?!

Dated: August 2 2021

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Honestly, I can't believe we are in August already. Even though we have had a great summer so far, it seems that this month really snuck up on me. Am I alone in this? We haven't travelled anywhere on a plane, or gone on a long RV vacation...I just feel that summer is going too fast! 

The sellers market is still also fast! While we are reading and hearing reports of a leveling out, we are still seeing limited homes hit the market and multiple bidding situations. Selling a home is also an emotional rollar coaster for most. Leaving a home you have lived in for a while or a long while, finding another home, packing and is a lot. And we understand that so much! Years ago, I had my mom selling her home, and I was unabashedly vocal about making sure she was treated well. It became our mantra with our brokerage. Whether you're buying or selling a $100,000 home or a $2,000,000 home, our service is the same. We pride ourselves on our extreme attention to detail: walking through EVERY home before picture day to make sure every single wire is tucked away, adding pillows, wiping down counters and weeding outside. When you sell your home, we take pride in our work and making your home look its best on picture day. And this market remains great time to sell, so please reach out if you or someone you know is considering a move. We are here for you and we love what we get to do! 

Our spotlight before and afters this month are a primary en-suite remodel and a staging set up. 

First the primary en-suite. Our buyers loved the location (right on the river) but hated the 90's outdated look. Large, shiny tile everywhere, built-in tub and gold metal shower surround, rounded corners everywhere. We came in and helped them get a PNW feel! Large solid wood beams were installed to add a ceiling fan which was much needed for air circulation and, because the ceiling was pitched, something had to be built for the fan to hang from. Beams were added, stained a dark walnut and voila! Instant luxe. We then demoed the fireplace, built 90 degree corners and re-tiled in a gorgeous stone tile from floor to ceiling. New paint (Cornice from our At Home line) and new carpet rounded out our remodel of the bedroom area. 

The next photo is of a staging set up. This home was on the market with another firm, but they couldn't sell it. The owners approached us and we went over our processes, attention to detail and recommendations. We are huge proponents of staging. We came in did a bunch of clean up, edging and trimming to the outside staged the home and had multiple offers within 4 days. This all happened within 1 week of re-listing with us. Lucky? Nope, we are not that lucky. We just have worked with our same curated team of experts for so long we can turn checklist items around immediately, see what your home needs, and get it done. 

Whew!  Sorry for the long blog post! But seriously, if you want to talk more about anything, have comments about our podcasts or topics you would like to hear us talk about or just grab lunch outside somewhere, let us know! We always love to see your faces and hear how we can help! 

Now, go enjoy summer a little more!! 


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August Already?!

Honestly, I can't believe we are in August already. Even though we have had a great summer so far, it seems that this month really snuck up on me. Am I alone in this? We haven't travelled anywhere

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