April Showers...

Dated: April 23 2020

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Rain bouncing off an umbrella

Together, we will beat this. We don't have a choice, frankly...we just must.  We must band together, shelter in place to lower the infection rate and take care of each other. Just a month ago Covid-19 was coming into our lives, but no one seemed to believe we would be heading into a country-wide shut down (well, I didn't anyway). School is closed, businesses, restaurants too. To say we are worried about our community is an understatement...which is why we thought supporting some local businesses is a no-brainer. 

We are currently purchasing gift cards to local businesses and sending those out to folks who could use them. We have listed a few local businesses below for consideration. We are also sending money to non-profit organizations to help support them. If you would like a list of organizations that you may want to support, we have listed a few below. 

So, now that we have Shelter in Home directives - let's follow those the best we can. Kids are home; Zoom with friends is great - try it if you haven't. We would love to have Zoom coffee with you too!!  We'll be reaching out, or if you're available, reach out to us - we would love to see your faces. 

We can still list your home or help you buy. We will follow protocols to keep everyone safe and walk you through what that means. We are here for you, however you need us.  We will be posting emergency numbers, store hours, virtual exercise classes on our social media platforms - so get connected and let us know what else you need!  If we want to beat this we go together...because together we can do great things. 

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