What Happens Next?

Dated: 03/10/2020

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So, we've found your home.  Now what?!  Writing an offer is structured, but there is an art to getting what you want.  After 18 years, we got this.  Many times, we find, calling the other agent (odds are we know them anyway) to state our case.  This means, we tell your story!  We have many instances where we beat out cash offers, higher offers, all around better offers, because our reputation as good, reliable and trustworthy agents is known.  We don't mess around or are terrible.  We make this sometimes complicated situation as easy as possible to go thru. There are charts and graphs that we can bring to showcase the process too!  They are pretty helpful in learning the steps.  And we go over the monetary outlay as well.  How much for a home inspection?  Sewer scope?  Seller says they did an oil tank search, why are you recommending I do another one?  Well, these are the questions we go over - to help guide you thru our combined 35 years of knowledge. Buying a home is a love event, a process, a big decision, and we don't take any of this lightly.  We walk through all the steps with you as your advisor AND advocate.  Give us a call...we'd love to sit down, go over all of this in detail, share some donuts.  And one day hand you the keys to your new abode.  

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