Fall is among us!

Dated: September 1 2021

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September!  Wow...already? 

We had our first baby in September. It was beautiful outside and warm. The color in the air was warm, fall-like in autumnal colors starting to show. The edges of the leaves picking up brilliant colors of yellows, oranges, reds and browns. I remember looking out the window with our new baby and thinking how beautiful everything seemed. And the late warmth summer was special.

In the Roman calendar September was the 7th month (septem, in Latin meaning "seven" - word etymology has always been interesting to me). The month is also full of holidays, as we head into winters across the world. Labor Day, Grandparents Day (the 12th in case you were wondering!), Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the Autumnal Equinox. The hours of light are getting shorter and I start thinking about preparing for the winter months. Short days of light, rain and cold...but also warm cozy slippers, stews, and winter sports and activities! 

As I sit here today writing this blog, I am watching the birds flock around the feeders and squirrels looking around for places to bury nuts. We consistently have a few different types of tree saplings growing in our yard. One of the last ones we pulled, the kids wanted to save (Oak) so we re-planted it in a better spot (the squirrels havent heard that you shouldn't plant a tree next to your house) and we are now trying to save it. The heat was not kind to it. But i just noticed two more in the blueberry bushes so I think we'll be fine if the first one does not make it. 

I am also realizing that we need to start thinking about planting bulbs for next spring! It can be quite the laborous job, but so worth it come spring. Tulips, Alliums and Crocus are what I am planting this year. 

And finally we will wrap up the summer tomato season with the most abundant crop ever. We must have gone through numerous pounds of never ending tomatoes. We did put time into finding the right spot though after mulitple years of a very limited crop...however, our watermelon never took off so I have to keep on eye on the sun and find a better spot next year. 

Also - keep an eye on our listings and remodels! We have some beauties coming up that are in full construction mode right now. We are including a few 'in process' pictures and will update on our social media as we go along with the final pictures in the newsletter next month. (instagram: @portlandishome or @realtyworksgroup). 

I hope you all enjoy the last bits of summer with yummy food and lots of laughter! And please, keep in touch - we love to hear from you!

~ Audra

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Fall is among us!

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