April flowers are here!

Dated: April 1 2022

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Hello Everyone!

We are so excited to announce the winner of last month's contest, show off a before and after, and talk about our expansion into Washington! 

We have been busy bees getting our agents up and running in Washington, so if you have thought about moving north of the river, don't hesitate to give us a call...we have you covered! And we have some beautiful listings up there coming your way, including a penthouse condo on the river!

In our design division, we have some fun projects that are starting to wrap up. Timing has been tough as a lot of products have been delayed, but we are still moving along and are so excited with how things are coming along. In our queue is a steam shower installation!! We are thrilled to be able to offer this and it also includes a zero depth entry....hot!!  Tile, flooring, reworking your space for a better flow...we got you. And with our incredible team of tradesfolk, we are able to assess a situation, keep your costs in line and give you your dream. We are accepting clients for end of year if you're thinking about a refresh or a full addition, so please reach out!  

Spring in full swing - this is such a gorgeous time of year. Cherry trees, plum trees and bulbs are all in bloom or getting ready to pop and your yards couldn't look better. If you need mulch, some power washing or whatever, call us. Our landscape crews are incredible and really know how to help. Plus, a good yard haircut is always welcome! 

So, folks, we hope you enjoy what spring is bringing to us and y'all had a chance to see the Japanese cherry trees in bloom along the waterfront. 

Until next time,


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April flowers are here!

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