The Heat is on!

Dated: July 1 2021

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Hello Friends!

Well, summertime came barging in, without a care in the world. We broke temperature records and for 3 days we all looked out in disbelief at how hot it actually was. A few times I walked outside thinking it couldn't be that bad...but it was! For those of you without AC, we feel for you and hope you found shelter somewhere to cool off. According to the news, this won't happen again for a thousand years (or maybe in 2022...thanks, climate change). Thank goodness. When I want the heat I go visit family in AZ. When it's hotter here than there, I'm frightened. 

Even in the heat, we don't stop working and work we continued to do! We had 2 remodels to finish and although we were at deadlines, we pulled it off! Frankly, it was a miracle. 

Speaking of miracles, I took the kids backcountry backpacking with our extended family and the kids all hiked in slightly over 7 miles, uphill, with packs on their backs. If anyone is looking to start getting more connected with nature, get dirty and have a great time, reach out! We can give more of our experiences and what we would do differently. If enough write in who are interested, I can also do another post dedicated to the trip....totally worth the pain and bugs and I highly recommend getting outside and doing it!

In our before and after remodeling section, this month I included a few photos of window treatments. It's interesting how a little effort put on your window can make a room feel different. Professional window treatments make all the other things you've done in your space come together and feel finished. We are big fans! This latest project we are working on with our client did just that. Take a good room with a corner window...and transform it into a spa feeling with a neutral linen cloth and a light-blocking backing. Pleats and the decision to hang the rod from the ceiling brought this bedroom from "OK" to "AMAZING!" In the second picture we took another narrow corner window and went with a beautiful reed treatment. Stunning. The window blinds are flush, and evoke a clean line which works beautifully in this bedroom. If you are looking out a window that could use a little pizzazz give us a call! We can send in our expert team to help you up the ante. 

Thank you for continually reading our newsletter, it is an honor and we appreciate your feedback and your loyalty!  

Stay fancy out there and don't hesitate to reach out for any help, guidance or thoughts on your real estate questions! 

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