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Hello, hello, hello everyone and happy June!Graduations, outdoor school, bunnies! Yes, I said bunnies. I know the old joke about rabbits, but we have really seen an increase in our neighborhood with

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Stop the Rain!! Haha

Hello Friends!Well, I sure hope all this rain produces some fantastic flowers! Although, sadly for me my tulips are looking really bad. Boo! Maybe I'll get some late bloomers? As we head into

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April full effect this year!

As a ski family we love, love, love the snow. And when it rains here, especially for our April showers, we know it's snowing up in the mountains and that makes us happy. But WOW this year!!  

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Be Our Lucky Charm!

March has really been interesting this year for sure! Snow storms galore! And while we LOVE snow, we really like it better in the mountains. Speaking of the mountains, our home in Government

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